Navigating the World with a Gender-Fabulous Child

Welcome to Our World

Though my child (T) was never in the perverbial  “closet” it wasn’t  until 2 months ago that their intentions  were made clear … well clearish!

T has never been the conforming type. At the age of two we learned they wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom  and what sized breasts they wanted. Over the years T enjoyed make up and baby dolls and painted  nails.

However; it was only about 6 weeks ago that T attempted  to take one of my new bras. It didn’t  occur  to me to say anything  but “no, that’s  too big for you. If you want bras we’ll  get you your own.” The words escaped my mouth without seeming to have even filtered through my brain. It was as if I had trained for this day all of T’s  life.

Since then we have (in fact), purchased  a week’s  worth  of bras and panties, gotten rid of underwear, bought a few new outfits, gotten some jewelry  and told T’s  best friend.

We have told quite a few people (mostly family and friends in the LGBTQ  community).

I am still lost as to where T is on this beautiful  rainbow, but  I am tired of trying to make them fit neatly I to some sort of box.

R is getting  further along in her transition. She’s been referred  to the endocrinologist   (which is next week) and we are going to get the blood work & x-rays a few days before. Luckily  all of the doctors we have needed to see have been at the same practice so R is already comfortable.

Bruce Jenner is a HERO

I know that Jenner spoke about helping the LGBTQ  community during the interview  last night. I am so glad Jenner did! the interview  was done so amazingly  well and my heart bursts with joy for Jenner and every other Trans* woma, man and child who will benefit from how eloquent  and genuine Jenner was.
I knew that with Diane Sawyer  being a part of this, it would be done with the utmost  class and dignity. However, she exceeded my expectations. I don’t think she really should have asked Jenner about the SRS, BUT I also think that I need to keep in mind that not everyone  knows what is appropriate  or inappropriate.
I think that an important  thing for the trans* and cis community  to take away from this is that Jenner struggled for DECADES and even thought about suicide … Jenner didn’t go through with it though. Couldn’t  go through with it.
I implore  those in the trans* community  to follow Jenner ‘ s lead and live to see another day.
I implore  those in the cis community  to have an epiphany … BRUCE JENNER, famous, an Olympic  hero … almost committed suicide bc this was so tough, imagine how this process is for those who do not have fans. “We are going to change the world”- Bruce Jenner

Take Me to Church

R went back to church today (first time since affirming publicly) and Pastor was amazing. Didn’t make a big deal about any of it just treated her like he normally does *phew*.
I went out yesterday  and bought her a dress (her 1st ever).


Quite Upset

I heard that a staff member was speaking about R today. This staff member called her a monstrosity. Supposedly  no one knows which staff member  it was but we all know that’s  a lie.
I am hoping  that said staff member  is so disturbed  by R’s presence  at the school that she quits and doesn’t  come back next year. I have a feeling  who it was but a feeling isn’t proof. Luckily  R doesn’t  know and didn’t  hear about  it.

A work in progress

Just like her 🙂


Skirt day

R wore her skirt and Rainbow  Dash shirt today 🙂


R’s 1st Day


It went SO well that she feels comfortable  wearing  a skirt tomorrow  :).
Another child came up to my boss (the breakfast  and lunch aide) and asked how R got permission  to do this bc she has been telling her parents for years that she’s not a girl, she’s a boy and they just won’t  listen to her. Broke my heart.
One little girl was a little confused  about the bathroom  situation  but R, the principal  and the bullying  specialist  explained it well.
Again, this little girl is my HERO!