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Bruce Jenner is a HERO

I know that Jenner spoke about helping the LGBTQ  community during the interview  last night. I am so glad Jenner did! the interview  was done so amazingly  well and my heart bursts with joy for Jenner and every other Trans* woma, man and child who will benefit from how eloquent  and genuine Jenner was.
I knew that with Diane Sawyer  being a part of this, it would be done with the utmost  class and dignity. However, she exceeded my expectations. I don’t think she really should have asked Jenner about the SRS, BUT I also think that I need to keep in mind that not everyone  knows what is appropriate  or inappropriate.
I think that an important  thing for the trans* and cis community  to take away from this is that Jenner struggled for DECADES and even thought about suicide … Jenner didn’t go through with it though. Couldn’t  go through with it.
I implore  those in the trans* community  to follow Jenner ‘ s lead and live to see another day.
I implore  those in the cis community  to have an epiphany … BRUCE JENNER, famous, an Olympic  hero … almost committed suicide bc this was so tough, imagine how this process is for those who do not have fans. “We are going to change the world”- Bruce Jenner

Big step today

T is out in public  with their nails painted and “girl” clothes  on.
This AM when my middle daughter asked “he or she” T said   (loudly and proudly) “SHE”.
AFTER my son’s dr appointment  we are going to visit  a friend. T knows pictures  could be taken and still chose to be theirself  ūüôā

Welcome to Our World

Though my child (T) was never in the perverbial ¬†“closet” it wasn’t ¬†until 2 months ago that their intentions ¬†were made clear … well clearish!

T has never been the conforming type. At the age of two we learned they wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom  and what sized breasts they wanted. Over the years T enjoyed make up and baby dolls and painted  nails.

However; it was only about 6 weeks ago that T attempted ¬†to take one of my new bras. It didn’t ¬†occur ¬†to me to say anything ¬†but “no, that’s ¬†too big for you. If you want bras we’ll ¬†get you your own.” The words escaped my mouth without seeming to have even filtered through my brain. It was as if I had trained for this day all of T’s ¬†life.

Since then we have (in fact), purchased ¬†a week’s ¬†worth ¬†of bras and panties, gotten rid of underwear, bought a few new outfits, gotten some jewelry ¬†and told T’s ¬†best friend.

We have told quite a few people (mostly family and friends in the LGBTQ  community).

I am still lost as to where T is on this beautiful  rainbow, but  I am tired of trying to make them fit neatly I to some sort of box.