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Love has no Label

Had to share this one!

Love has no Labels

Join us in Philly

… for the 13th annual Trans-health conference.

Welcome to Our World

Though my child (T) was never in the perverbial  “closet” it wasn’t  until 2 months ago that their intentions  were made clear … well clearish!

T has never been the conforming type. At the age of two we learned they wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom  and what sized breasts they wanted. Over the years T enjoyed make up and baby dolls and painted  nails.

However; it was only about 6 weeks ago that T attempted  to take one of my new bras. It didn’t  occur  to me to say anything  but “no, that’s  too big for you. If you want bras we’ll  get you your own.” The words escaped my mouth without seeming to have even filtered through my brain. It was as if I had trained for this day all of T’s  life.

Since then we have (in fact), purchased  a week’s  worth  of bras and panties, gotten rid of underwear, bought a few new outfits, gotten some jewelry  and told T’s  best friend.

We have told quite a few people (mostly family and friends in the LGBTQ  community).

I am still lost as to where T is on this beautiful  rainbow, but  I am tired of trying to make them fit neatly I to some sort of box.