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Bruce Jenner is a HERO

I know that Jenner spoke about helping the LGBTQ  community during the interview  last night. I am so glad Jenner did! the interview  was done so amazingly  well and my heart bursts with joy for Jenner and every other Trans* woma, man and child who will benefit from how eloquent  and genuine Jenner was.
I knew that with Diane Sawyer  being a part of this, it would be done with the utmost  class and dignity. However, she exceeded my expectations. I don’t think she really should have asked Jenner about the SRS, BUT I also think that I need to keep in mind that not everyone  knows what is appropriate  or inappropriate.
I think that an important  thing for the trans* and cis community  to take away from this is that Jenner struggled for DECADES and even thought about suicide … Jenner didn’t go through with it though. Couldn’t  go through with it.
I implore  those in the trans* community  to follow Jenner ‘ s lead and live to see another day.
I implore  those in the cis community  to have an epiphany … BRUCE JENNER, famous, an Olympic  hero … almost committed suicide bc this was so tough, imagine how this process is for those who do not have fans. “We are going to change the world”- Bruce Jenner

I feel like no one is trying.

I really don’t expect an immediate  change, but I don’t feel like anyone in this house except  me and the oldest daughter are even attempting to use proper name or pronouns.
If by April  1st I still don’t see any effort I am going to tell R not to answer anyone unless they get her pronouns  or name right!
Maybe that’s a touch over dramatic but she will be presenting  female at school. How can I expect her to command respect there when she doesn’t  receive  it at home!?

Signs, Signs, everywhere signs

That it is time.
1st: T chose a new name and I formed everyone  they need to use the she/her pronouns   (she will now be referred to by R here on the blog). The name she chose was my grandmother’s  name. She never knew my grandmother’s  name!
Sign 2: a friend  posted this


Sign 3: a different  friend posted this


Why did these things come at the perfect  time you ask? R’s  older brother outed her to a schoolmate  today. R has been having some serious anxiety  all day because of it. She decided  that she wants the school to know. I will be meeting with a few staff members  tomorrow. R will stay home with me and return on Wednesday.
We are starting to draft a letter to family and friends who do not know yet.
I think we are both ready for this!

Gender-fluid, Gender Non-conforming, Transgender

None of these terms automatically  = homosexual.
T has made it abundantly  clear that they have 0 intentions  of dating a boy. T likes girls. T wants to marry a girl. T wants to have a family  with a girl. T just enjoys a more feminine  existence.