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To the doctor we went

For those close enough (or willing  to travel) Dr. Hawkins  with Children’s  Hospital  of Philadelphia  is GREAT! R and I saw her yesterday  and immediately  R was at ease in talking to her. She obviously  feels strongly that R isn’t  just experimenting and this isn’t  “just a phase”. Dr. Hawkins  is referring  us to an Endocrinologist  and asking  the PCP to order a few tests to determine  where R is with puberty  so we better know when blockers should be started.
Between  speaking  to me and speaking  to R she feels there is consistent  and persistent  feelings. She will (obviously) meet with us more but as R has been expressing this since such a young age she feels this is the right direction  for R ‘ s needs.
She will also refer us to a therapist  closer to home (she refers out to 3 in our home state) to help guide R through social transitioning  at school and with family.
Dr. Linda Hawkins
3550 Market St
Philadelphia, PA

Barbara  is the one who gets all the information  for your child to get them into the system  and get insurance  approval:

I am also seriously  considering   (in a few years) going back to school to become an advocate for the LGBTQ/IA  kids. Not all parents give the unconditional  love. While counseling  the kids is admirable, your  hands are tied in actually  DOING for them. As an advocate  I could do so much more!


Leave the Gender out

… T is just FABULOUS. I am so lucky that this brave and self-aware human being chose me as their mom. I am inspired a little more every day by this kiddo.
All day we were all over the place in social settings and T never seemed to cower. Even better, T didn’t  get 1 odd look 🙂
Even used the girls  bathroom  in every place we went. So very proud ❤

Big step today

T is out in public  with their nails painted and “girl” clothes  on.
This AM when my middle daughter asked “he or she” T said   (loudly and proudly) “SHE”.
AFTER my son’s dr appointment  we are going to visit  a friend. T knows pictures  could be taken and still chose to be theirself  🙂

Underneath it all

T wears funky socks and pretty panties  every day. They won’t wear any of the more feminine  clothes to school out of fear. I wish the world was different  for my child (and all children).
I wish T could be free to be themself  eberywhere.